Special Note

Special Note

In light of the current health issues facing us but understanding that a home purchase or refinance is extremely important to home buyers and sellers as well as homeowners we are establishing the following protocol:

  1. If anyone in your party is displaying symptoms of COVID -19 we are asking that you self quarantine for the recommended time from the CDC, that also includes any family members or parties of interest to the transaction. Please don’t come to the closing and check with all the parties for a medical extension on your transaction.
  2. Please utilize our online CONNECT service to upload documents, converse with the closer, respond to documents and create social distancing when possible.
  3. We will be asking the parties involved with the transaction to come in at separate times (Buyer at one time, Seller at a different time) so we can reduce the number of people in the closing room and the possible chance for spreading the virus.
  4. We will provide each individual the opportunity to wash their hands before and after closing to possibly eliminate any potential spreading of the virus.
  5. After each transaction we will be wiping down and disinfecting the closing room prior to the next transaction.
  6. We will be removing items on the table such as candy and pens that cannot be used or reused by any other clients. Pens will be offered individually and encouraged to be taken with the client.
  7. We will not use any glassware to be reused or reader glasses that aren’t in a self contained box, never previously used.

We are trying to accommodate our clients as conveniently as possible in light of these circumstances. Our employees have been instructed to do the same and will be conscious of their surroundings as well as our protocol for their protection as well as yours.

We reserve the right to stop any transaction that we feel may jeopardize our protocol or guidelines provided by the CDC.

Please contact us if you have any questions or special requests.